I highly recommend Paragon Trucking, as they never miss any of my pick up. They reply email very promptly, and have the best knowledge to work with CFS/Airport pickup. Best trucking company in LAX area!
Mia Chen,
Cheetah Express

If you want your shipment delivered efficiently, professionally AND be cost effective…Paragon Trucking is the company to call. The Paragon team goes above and beyond to get the job done. I only use Paragon because I can rely on them every single time.
Kelly Markle
KelTx Fabrics Ltd

Excellent, fast and attentive service. Bob always follows up to ensure services are provided without delays, and his prices are very reasonable. Glad we found Paragon Trucking.

We’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and by far Paragon is the best among the many transportation services we have worked with. Communication is excellent and service is second to none. If you are looking for transportation company that can provide you not only good service but also better rates look no further Paragon Trucking is the one that can exceed your expectations in ground transportation.
Ed Lopez
Garment Group

Great service, pickup and delivery on time, always extra steps to make sure we get the goods that needed urgently. Thank you for the great service and hope to continue for many more years to come.
Susan Hafezi

In the business I am when customers order something today they want it delivered “yesterday”. That is why working with reliable trucking companies is extremely important to us. In my experience when Paragon Trucking sets a date we could take it to the bank. They are always right on with on time deliveries, and quality service.
Isaac Hadjyan
Chief Operation Officer

Thank you so much for putting in that extra effort to pick up our shipments.
Jean Bouldin

I am from the carrier side myself and used to love a challenge to make something happen if at all possible, bot so like so many carriers today who don’t try, don’t care and wouldn’t know how to make something happen outside the box. Transportation during the holiday as you well know is challenging to say the least. Having to get everything moving with less day is never fun.
Thanks for letting me leave today feeling good.
Tamara Cobb
Logistics & Operations
Yusen Logistics

Your really are the best and the follow through form the beginning to end is awesome. I know CFS pickups can be difficult but I knew you would get it done or let me know exactly what we needed to provide. Thanks again.
Renee Guyer
Logistics Coordinator

You guy make CGFS pick-ups a breeze! If only you were a national carrier…I’d love to use you guys more!!
Ryan Dick
Import Supervisor

Excellent! Thanks for coming through!
Scott Hannah
Freight Quote

I’m always impress with Paragon’s attention to detail. Thank you for that.
Pazong yang
Director of operations
BOA Logistics

Thank you!! I do not know how to express my max appreciation. But working with you is the best.
RLT logistics Group

Paragon Trucking provides excellent service from the moment we dispatch to final delivery. The communication is clear in providing us the pickup and delivery ETA. They are precise in making sure all documents have been received and ensuring the freight is ready for pick up. I have full confidence when dispatching to such a reliable trucking service.
Erin Jakubov
Global Forwarding Coordinator-Inland

Great, reliable and attentive service. Always putting extra effort to pick up our cargo.
Jesse Pan
J.P. Freight

We have always received excellent service from Paragon Trucking! Overall consistency and timing has met our expectations and always communicated in a professional and timely manner. Great job!
Duy Nguyen
Lead Import Coordinator
Synthetic Resources, Inc.

Paragon Trucking always provides reliable and professional transportation services to my facility. They have done an excellent job retrieving our shipments. I highly recommend them.

Paragon Trucking has proven to be a very dependable trucking company. This is highlighted by their excellent communication and sense of urgency on every shipment. Their dispatchers and customer service reps have proven to be very trustworthy and customer oriented. Bottom line we would recommend them to anybody looking for great rates and no excuses get it done service.
Nechemia Shoub
Akiva Cohen
Truly Commerce

Thank you for getting it recovered today. what a pleasant surprise. you guys are the best.
Mark Thienavanich
LT International Co.

Awesome! Thank you so much! I wish all carriers were as good as you ☺
Karen Hoepner
CH Robinson

I have to tell you that you make this process so much easier and I really appreciate your emails and how you keep me updated!
Jen Alexander
Brighter Logistics

THANK YOU! You guys are awesome!
Kelly Wells
ECHO Global Logistics

Thank you Sir, you are awesome have a great weekend.
Gary Ybarra

Kudos to the great feedback on what was both needed and what info was received. Expressed this multiple times when dealing with St. George and Paragon.
Dan Winkle
Freight Center

From the moment the Delivery Order is sent, consignee well being is taking well care of…
Bruce Kim
Samuel kim CHB


Paragon Trucking is efficient, on time and always available by phone or email. Paragon takes the availability checking out of my hands and is on top of every problem until the shipment is ready to move.
Eve Sarno and Robin Gibney
Mark Samuels & CHB


Very consistent with the great service they give you.
Lorna R. Maynigo
Sportek International, Inc.


Paragon Trucking delivers, in both professionalism and performance!
Anna Osgood
Relocation Manager @ The MI Group


Great service and fees are affordable. Pick-up and deliveries are always on time and never fails to keep customers updated at all times.
Garnet Ansao
Purchasing Manager @ Villanova Décor


Your Services is Excellent.
Imports Department @ Nouveau Fabrics, Inc.

A dependable and reliable trucking company We never had any problem regarding our freights.
Antonio Manuel
Traffic Manager @ Marine Air land Int’l. Services LLC


Your performance has been very good. You are prompt on confirming receipt of documents and following-up if there is a problem. I have no complaints at all about your service or your rates.
Rhonda Clark


By the time I call you to see if you received our dispatch, you already have a driver enroute to pickup our shipment. And we both know our shipments can be awkward pieces but awkward or not you get it done! Superb service and excellent performance!
Rachael Haddix
Project Transport


Great Service, Professional Staff, Highly experienced and Unbeatable Price. Truly a Five Star Company. I never have to worry about anything with Paragon.
Andy Fekri
Freight it, Inc.


Thank you for always going out of your way to accommodate us. Look forward to continued business with Paragon.
Jose Castillo
Top Value Fabrics


I want to thank you and your company for doing such a good job for our company. We know that when we book our freight needs with Paragon Trucking we will get first class treatment. They adjust their schedules to meet our needs, especially on short notice. Their drivers are professional, polite and knowledgeable.
Doruk Onur Derlen
Import Operations @ ATA Freight Line, LTD – California


Paragon Trucking is the most reliable and trustworthy company that I have worked with in the last 20 years. They go far beyond what is required to do what is necessary for our business to succeed.
Edward Gurevich
COO @ Impex Textile


I would like to thank you for all your hard work and excellent follow up on the pick ups at Salson, AZ West, and St. George. We really appreciate your excellent customer service.
Sasha Moghadam
Synergee Corp.


Thanks as always for a fine job.
Valerie R. Caulfield
EWC Global Logistics


Thank you so much Bob! You Rock 🙂
Karen Hoepner
CH Robinson


Thanks Bob!! You are the BEST!!! I sooooo appreciate you! You always go Above and Beyond… Thanks again!
Robyn Lynne Ballard


Now that’s what I call SERVICE!!!!!
Rachel Delgado
Diversified Transportation Services


You are the BEST!
Bob – you always pick up on time & never miss a pick up!!! We can always count on you!
You do everything you can to make sure every pick up goes smoothly! Wish there was a PARAGON all over USA!.
Melissa Collins


You came through for pick up on a shipment that was booked later in the day and helped my customer avoid additional storage fees! Job very well done!!!
Thanks again for your help Bob!!! You Rock!!!
Shannon Rheaume


Wonderful, Great job as usual!!!
Bob Posta
HUB Freight USA, Inc.