At Paragon Trucking we have a special team of uniformed employees and a management that is dedicated to total customer service and customer satisfaction.

Our business started 15 years ago and was based on the fabric and garment industry in downtown Los Angeles. When almost all aspects of manufacturing was done in downtown Los Angeles, Paragon was the most reliable trucking company and at the forefront of handling all of the shipments from all the giants of the fabric and garment industry for many years.

We did not simply provide transportation from point A to point B — we did all of the communication between the knitters, dye houses, cutting services, and ultimately the final customer, and made sure that constant customer satisfaction was maintained at every step of the way.

As manufacturing left California, Paragon had to reinvent itself into a whole new plan of trucking and transportation and moved into the import and export business. However, our policy and commitment to customer service and excellence has never changed.

With some of our old customers, as well as many new ones, we moved into the world of importing and exporting, picking up and delivering to and from all CFS (container freight stations) locations, both Air and Ocean.

Since then we have built very solid relationships with all of the CFS warehouses, as well as many customs brokers, freight forwarders, and freight brokers.