Paragon Trucking



You need a partner with the professional expertise,
integrated services and resources to engineer
efficient solutions at a moment’s notice.




Welcome to Paragon Trucking

At Paragon Trucking, we recognize your need for custom-tailored logistics, engineered to maintain your competitive edge.

In today’s rapidly changing economy you need a logistics partner that understands your company and can quickly respond with cost saving solutions.

You need a partner with the professional expertise, integrated services and resources to engineer efficient solutions at a moment’s notice.

You need excellence in communications and execution and you need it TODAY!

With over 15 years of experience, Paragon Trucking can respond to that challenge.

We don’t just simply pick up and deliver the goods; our commitment to total customer service means that we are proactive when it comes to our customers’ needs. That means a dedicated fleet manager personally follows your order, as well as each driver, from location to location. The fleet manager takes care of all of your needs, from choosing the properly sized truck for your shipment to ensuring that your order is loaded and unloaded in a timely fashion.

What does Paragon Trucking Offer?

We service all CFS (container freight stations) locations, both AIR AND OCEAN, to many locations throughout LOS ANGELES COUNTY.

As soon as the office receives the delivery order, we set the plan into motion to ensure prompt delivery and proper communication with your warehouse or a third party warehouse.

There is a daily update about your shipment and any missing paperwork, as well as informing you about the LFD (last free day), warehouse charges, if your customs is filed, and if your OBL (original bill of lading) is still outstanding.

All warehouse charges are paid on your behalf, without any extra charges, in order to expedite pickup, making the accounting easier for you as well as for us. We also exchange pallets with the warehouse to again expedite pickups as much as possible and collect them back at your warehouse at a later time.

In addition, all of our trucks are equipped with onboard printers to ensure that the documents are given to the driver as soon as possible so that we will be able to handle your urgent shipments, thereby saving you money on storage and all around costs.

We can also handle any loose cargo or pallet deliveries from your warehouse or a third party warehouse to your customers.

Personalized Customer Service Combined with Cutting-Edge Technology

We deliver information with highly trained associates enabled with integrated technology that is second to none. We’ve developed Customer Service teams for dispatching, confirmation of appointments, or any other problem that you may encounter to provide 100% customer satisfaction with a single call.

Paragon uses a state of the art satellite dispatching, tracking and communication system. Every truck and trailer in our fleet is equipped with this system. With our fleet director system we can track, minute by minute, where each and every truck is located. We can follow individual trucks anywhere in our system and send and receive text messages along with our two-way radio communication. The system allows us to locate the nearest truck to any pickup point or redirect our drivers around traffic and bottlenecks.

Paragon schedules all shipments for same day service. Our cut-off is at 11:00 AM for ocean shipments and 10:00 AM for air, but we will do all that we can to extend that time for you in order to pickup your goods and avoid costly warehouse charges and fees.